Crop Circle Cards: The Living Oracle

[Soul Support] [Gifts] Crop circles are elaborate patterns created mysteriously in living fields of grain, usually overnight. They have been showing up in increasing numbers throughout the world since the 1960s, but 85% have appeared in a small area in southern England. The Crop Circle cards reproduce 64 of these striking formations from the period 1980 to 1998. Cariel Quinly created this oracle to open doors to higher consciousness. Each card shows one black-and-white pattern with a number and a name or two assigned by Quinly. The first 22 cards correspond roughly to the tarot major arcana. There is also an unnumbered Soul Support/Good luck card. The deck comes with Crop Circle Cards: The Living Oracle by Quinly. It describes the crop circle phenomenon, individual cards and ways to use the deck.

Number of Cards Size Copyright Order Code Deck/Book Set Price
64 4" x 4" 1993, 1998 CJ64-set $35.00(US)
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[back design]

Back Design: See right

Language of Card Titles: English

Style of Suit Cards (2-10): no suit cards

Also Included: instruction book (128 pages)

Fool, Sun God/Illumination, Earth Goddess/Receptive, Love, Dominion/Manifest,
Abuse of Power/Divine Power*Help from Superiors, Union/Marriage,
Divine Spin/Abundance, Strength/Courage, Trickster, Destiny,
Harmony/Balance, Release/Resurrection, Transformation/Death,
Creativity, Shadow/Integration, Obstacles/Opportunity, Grace,
Inspiration/Dreams, New Beginnings, Rings of Time, Ascension,
Initiation/Revelation, Whologram/Universal Grid, Sexuality/Earth Life Force,
Get Moving, Opening Heart/Enthusiasm, Respond/Responsibility, Soften/Stretch,
Travel, Play/Laughter, With Ease, Order/Focus, Free Access, Grounding/Care of Body,
Discipline/Build*Structure, Trust/Faith, Healing, Speech, Rest*Peace/Meditation,
Reach for the Stars, Forgive/Reconcile, Intuition, Identity/Boundaries,
Protection, Family, Friends/Gathering, Stop/Completion,
Resonate*Contact/Electro-Condenser, Gifts, Gratitude, Conscious/Unconscious,
Harmonic Keyboard, Infinity, Soul Support/Good Luck, Stargate, Shift,
Labyrinth/Way to Go, Heartlink, Buzzsaw, Starseed Spiral, Hyperspace,
Earth Star Crystal, Shining Ones

Suit Names: no suits

Court Cards: no court cards

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